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Poster Most Beautiful Scenery Of Night

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Most Beautiful Scenery Of Night
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Sunday Sermon: Cultivating solitude.

There is a definitive distinction between solitude and loneliness, and this concept is something I first learned from an interview with Robert Kull. In brief, he decides to spend a year living in complete solitude and so ships off to a remote island in Southern Chile. No phone, no internet, no people. Nada. You can read this epic tale in his memoir “Solitude”. When I first heard this interview, I was at an incredibly lonely point of life and shortly after I decided that if the universe wanted me alone well “I’ll show you alone” and I went off camping on my own in East Sussex, for three days. I was completely terrified, as were the few people I told. Wild camping, alone, in a place I didn’t know, in the middle of nowhere after hours of hiking with nobody in sight. I wrestled with all the  horrible things that might possibly happen to me that night and I finally resigned my self to the fact that it was too late to do anything about it and if I was to die that night, in that tent, well, too late now. I soon collapsed asleep, too tired to play mind games with my self. 
I woke up to the most beautiful scenery and feeling of tranquility I’ve ever experienced. I recall lighting my first fire, alone, and I cried with joy. It was a pivotal moment in my life.

These days I can hardly take a breath alone. Always surrounded by the millions of people that live in this city, even in the park at night in the pitch black there’s always somebody about. Tonight I was briefly revisited by that sense of peace I experienced a year or so ago when I woke up that morning, and it’s something I would like to actively invite back into my life. I know most people are scared of being alone, ending up alone, and run a mile at the thought, but whilst I love the relationships I have forged, and the I believe the feeling of kinship is of equal importance, opportunities for solitude feel like one of the greatest gifts I could receive.

I would love to hear your stories and experiences on solitude and what you define as the difference between solitude and loneliness. 
The interview with Robert Kull can be found on inner__truth
I love the National Mall at night. Besides giving me memories of cavorting with other invincible 23-year-olds after a night at the bar or laughing my way through harried, delusional, festival-prep-nights past, I think the monuments lit up against the night sky look so beautiful it's unbelievable--literally can't be believed.  They are unreal.  Glowing like lanterns, light boxes, like the most beautiful scenery.  I revel in this space, especially in this season, it feels so powerful to be down here after dark when the streets are quiet and the monuments loom.
For five years, I lived on the same street as the United States Capitol.  Okay, maybe a few miles north, but technically, same street.  As I search for my next home and wonder where the heck I'm going to end up this year and then forever, especially with DC housing prices skyrocketing so far above my means, I am taking a moment to appreciate how cool that was.  And how, though I've moved on from that home, this beautiful, powerful space ain't going anywhere.
Sedona 🙌 After spending the morning on an ATV exploring the most beautiful scenery that Sedona has to offer we realised that it was a perfect opportunity to capture some great footage with the drone… unfortunately we were both half asleep when we checked in after arriving into Sedona late the night before and barely remembered to bring a camera. So to make up for it we snuck away that afternoon for a quick drone-venture to view Cathedral Rock from Red Rock Crossing.
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Cuties!!!!! I love these people so much!!!!!! Amazing hike for our awesome prof’s birthday!!! College night turned hiking fam!!! We struggled over this one never ending hill but we made it! So proud of y’all for killin it and crushing this hike. Literally the most beautiful scenery ever ahhh and the post hike brunch was amazing hehe I love chocolate chip waffles 💖🙏🏻🙌🏻
Nice poster, is not it?

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